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Scan Thousands of Slides Save Hundreds of Dollars 

It's perfect for the DIY project-minded individual, family, or group, and fast too! Use our high-quality production equipment to digitize and archive your priceless family history, just like the pros. Each system has everything you need to simply plug-in and start scanning. Plus, there is never a limit to the number of slides you may scan during your rental period.

Who Needs to Rent a Scanner?

"Do I need to rent?": This is our most frequent question when a customer calls to schedule a rental. Now of course we're a little biased, but it is a great question. 

A Rent2Scan package is perfect for scanning collections of photos and slides at high-quality and high-speed. We've had renters with 500 pictures to 25,000 pictures use our rental equipment to capture images. With professional scanning services varying between $0.15- $1.00 per picture, the question resolves to saving money.

Here are some factors past customers have stated helped them decide if renting a scanner was right for them:

  • Saving Money You can certainly hire a service, and sometimes it's worth it. If you have less than 500 slides, it might be worth calling up a local scanning service shop and asking their going scanning rates ($0.15 - $1.00 per picture). Prices will vary, so make sure to inquire about quality (DPI), scanning location (make sure it's local), and file naming . Our packages can help you dollar average down the cost to scan, especially if you share the scanner with friends and family during the rental period.
  •  D-I-Y Project This one is personal preference. We get stories of wine parties, family reunions, and kids' summer projects just to list a few. People love the idea that you can scan and reminisce all at the same time. Better yet, it's done in the comfort of your own home so there is no fretting if something is going to happen to every printed family memory.

It's our goal to empower customers, like you, with thousands of images to scan and save. So are you ready to get scanning?

How It Works

STEP 1: Schedule Your Rental:

Schedule your rental using E-Z Photo's online reservation and booking system. It is possible to reserve a date up to 6-months in advance, however, please plan to complete the booking at least 10 days before the date you want your rental unit to arrive.

You can pick from either 3-day or 5-day rental periods. While we do everything to accommodate your desired date, scanning equipment is rented on a first-come, first-serve basis, so please have an alternate date in mind when you book a rental just in case.

STEP 2: Get Ready

Gather up all your printed photos or 35mm slides into one location. Clear off a table or counter with a standard 110 volt outlet nearby. Your rental package arrives with everything needed to get started digitizing your printed photos or 35mm slide collection.

STEP 3: Pick-up Your Rental 

The rental period begins when the scanner is picked-up by you at the FedEx location. At the end of your rental period, simply affix the pre-paid shipping label provided with the scanner over the old label and return it to the same FedEx location used for pick-up, or any of the other FedEx staffed locations in in your community.

FedEx Ground transports all shipments with signature required as proof of delivery. Additional shipping fees will apply for any non-standard shipping or tracking arrangements requested by renter.  

Still have questions about how long it may take to scan your collection?

Premier 3-Day Rental - $350.00 | Premier 5-Day Rental - $450.00 Slide Scanning Equipment, Pre-Paid FedEx Ground Shipping, Unlimited Scanning


Slide Scanner Rental

SlideSnap X1

Slide scanner rental includes LED backlit, Kodak carousel fed for automated batch operation, slide carousel, & Canon G16 camera with custom scanning lens, with no computer needed for scanning.

This 2nd generation SlideSnap Lite Automatically scans a slide every 5 seconds using a LED backlit and Kodak carousel fed for automated batch operation. Perfect for getting all those boxes and boxes of slides into high-quality digital images to once again enjoy all the treasured memories captured on them.  

E-Z Photo Scan renters report being able to comfortably average scanning up-to-320-slides-per-hour at 3000 ppi resolution. 

$350.00 3-Day Rental Package Includes:

  • 3-Days of Unlimited Slide Imaging
  • Round-Trip Shipping
  • SlideSnap Lite
  • Slide Capture Camera
  • Instruction Guide

$450.00 5-Day Rental Package Includes:

  • 5-Days of Unlimited Slide Imaging
  • Round-Trip Shipping
  • SlideSnap Lite
  • Slide Capture Camera
  • Instruction Guide

Additional Rental Day: $90.00 Per Day

  • Add an additional rental day of scanning.

Central Flordia Photo Scanning Local Rental: $90.00 Per Day

  • Local Pick-up/Drop-off - Get a Day of Unlimited Slide Imaging *Must Pick-up Equipment at E-Z Photo Scan Location (Altamonte Springs).


Professional Scanning Services 

  • Slide Scanning Services Starting at $0.32 per Slide
  • High-Quality Resolution Scanning
  • Image Quality Enhancements
  • Professional Consulting


Rent2Scan Equipment Services 

  • High-Speed Professional Rental Equipment Starting at $350.00
  • Shipped ANYWHERE in the United States
  • Unlimited Scanning for 3 or 5 Full Days
  • Support Team
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