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Professional Scanning Services 

  • Photo / Slide Scanning Services Starting at $0.32 per Photo or Slide
  • High-Quality Resolution Scanning
  • Image Quality Enhancements
  • Professional Consulting


Rent2Scan Equipment Services 

  • High-Speed Professional Rental Equipment Starting at $325.00
  • Shipped ANYWHERE in the United States
  • Unlimited Scanning for 3 or 5 Full Days
  • Support Team


In Studio Rental

  • Scan at in our E-Z Scan Studio Starting at $50.00 per Hour 
  • Unlimited Scanning
  • Access to all Studio Equipment
  • Professional Consulting

The E-Z Scan Mission "When You've Seen One - You've Seen One" 

It is our MISSION to help you preserve, protect and share your collection of historical documents using our "When You've Seen One - You've Seen One" philosophy. The definition is simple: It means that every project is custom to your design. Sure, some projects are similar, but there is only one like your's, and for that, we build a solution that caters to all your needs.

E-Z Scan is committed to providing the BEST photo, slide and negative scanning services in the business. We offer Professional Scanning Services, Equipment Rentals and Studio Rental. All of our services are provided by trained staff, using the best equipment and following the guidelines outlined by the National Archives.